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Neoplasia is an abnormal growth within a tissue or organ, usually forming a distinct mass commonly referred to as a tumor. Examples of treatment are listed below.

Limb Sparing Procedures

Also known as limb sparing surgery, limb salvage operations are designed to save the limb while removing the tumor. The challenge for the surgeon is to remove the entire tumor while still preserving the nearby tendons, nerves, and vessels. Because limb-salvage is a very complex procedure, VOSM surgeons are highly skilled and experienced in performing this type of operation.


Arthrodesis, the fusion of a joint, is used to reduce pain and improve stability in the spine, feet and other areas.

Fluoroscopically-Guided Bone Biopsy

Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique (x-rays) used to obtain real-time images of the internal structures of a patient. Advanced fluoroscopy has greatly improved the accuracy of incisions and hardware placement, while minimizing tissue trauma.


Limb amputation is a surgical procedure to remove a diseased or injured limb.

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