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What's included in my initial orthopedic consultation?

When you arrive for your consultation, you'll be asked to review your patient intake formto make sure all information is current and accurate. At this time, we'll have you sign a financial responsibility form, which explains our pricing and cancellation policy. This form also documents who is responsible for fees incurred over time, especially if multiple parties are involved.

You will then meet with one of our appointment technicians to provide a more in-depth history of your pet's medical condition. The consultation may also include diagnostic imaging (eg. x-rays) if prior imaging has not been provided or additional views are necessary.

During each consultation, our specialists perform a physical examination in our canine gym. This comprehensive exam may include a gait analysis using the Gait4Dog system, which provides us with quantitative data about your pet's weight distribution across all four limbs.

During the physical exam, our specialist commonly puts your pet's affected limb through a series of range of motion exercises to assess flexibility and level of pain. For soft tissue conditions, they'll also palpate the affected ligament or tendon for swelling, tenderness, and discomfort.

We can perform some advanced diagnostics in house: arthroscopy, diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound, and radiographs (x-rays). In the event we need additional diagnostics, we may refer your pet to our on-site MRI or to a nearby CT scan facility.

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