Wednesday April 23, 2014

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know what Tasha has been up to since we finished our therapy last April. She spent the summer swimming in our pool and re-training in agility, two things she absolutely loves to do. While I’ll never let her retrieve her Frisbee or ball on land, she can play agility within reason and can retrieve in the water to her heart’s content.


Our biggest brag is that Tasha WON her division at the NADAC Championships in September of this year. She accomplished this with 6 out of 6 first place runs, beating the competition by a wide margin. People are amazed at the speed she has given her age of 10 and considering what she went through last year after her fractured shoulder and severe medial shoulder instability. But Tasha is all heart and never one to let anything stop her from enjoying life. She gives everything she does 110% and her joie de vivre is unmatched. One of my students says the thing she loves best about watching Tasha run agility is that she runs it with an air of authority. She just knows she’s in charge out there; it’s so true.


I’ve attached a copy of Tasha’s Championship photograph and am sending along a hard copy for your bulletin board. We are both so happy to be playing agility together thanks to the terrific care and support you gave us. From lame to champion within a year, what a terrific success story.


Thank you!

Jaz Whittington
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