May 13, 2016
On Sept. 1st 2015 my worst nightmare came true…. My Best friend, Hunting Buddy, and Hunt test dog SMOKE tore his ccl… I was heart READ MORE

April 12, 2016
Hi Dr's Canapp, Carr, Zink and Dr Lamb, I'm sending you this video and update as I'm very grateful for your medical care and expertise at READ MORE

April 5, 2016
Last summer my English Mastiff Titan woke up with a limp and seemed in pain.     After numerous testing from my primary Vet was READ MORE

March 29, 2016
It has been almost 6 months since Senna's amputation surgery, and I just wanted to update you and everyone at VOSM. She is doing great! READ MORE

December 31, 2015
As we celebrate the new year with friends and family, please note that VOSM will have special business hours December 31 and January 1.   Thursday, READ MORE