Monday November 23, 2009

Karla (our gentle female Rottweiler, our black marshmallow who has been called an embarrassment to her breed because of her temperament) had two TPLOs with you, the left on January 18, 2007 and the right on June 20, 2006. We wanted to let you know that the outcome of the surgeries has exceeded all our expectations. She is now just over six years old and is acting more like a puppy than when she was younger. She is very frisky in movement, loves to run and play and gets so excited for her 3- to 4-mile runs 4 to 5 times a week. She is very strong and leaps over downed trees with some speed. She's just a happy, healthy girl. Before the operations, we thought she may also be having hip problems and some stiffness, but that's all disappeared since her surgeries. Thank you again.


Karen Swiderski and Jim Prust