Alex Rupp

Chicago, Illinois

Friday April 23, 2010

Alex had been lame for a year before his owners came to VOSM. Even highly recommended vets couldn’t diagnose him.

After reading a shoulder injury article in Clean Run Magazine by Dr. Sherman Canapp, his owners contacted VOSM. They asked if Dr. Canapp would view videos of Alex, hoping he might be able to come up with a more conclusive diagnosis.

In March 2010, Dr. Canapp had a conclusion: Alex had medial shoulder instability.

“We knew exactly what to expect when we got here,” Whitney Rupp said.

Before they even drove the thirteen hours from Chicago, the Rupps had articles by Dr. Canapp in their hands.

Alex is an agility dog. But he doesn’t just run the course out of habit; he gets excited about it. He’s the second oldest of four dogs, but Grant Rupp said that, of all of them, Alex loves agility the most.

“He loves to do it,” Whitney Rupp agreed. “He just lives for it.”

He used to do dock diving, too, but since 2010 he has stuck to solely participating in agility competitions — and only after an intensive rehabilitation therapy program.

“We rehabbed the heck out of him,” Whitney Rupp remembered. She said Alex was a fan of the underwater treadmill.

In July 2012, Alex came back with medial shoulder instability on the other side. He had stem cells harvested and injected into the ligament.

For now, all competitions are on hold.

“If some day he can [return to agility], awesome,” Whitney Rupp said. But mostly, she and her husband Grant want to make sure Alex stays healthy.